One of the few candid photos of me taken by the amazing...and slightly sneaky Shadowulf Photography. Hey there! I’m Michael, the man behind the lens, and I absolutely love working with cosplayers and makers to capture their excitement and their hard work into epic and dramatic images.

It is amazing to work with experienced and new cosplayers alike. However, when I first dove into cosplay photography in 2015, I was surprised at how many clients had never had a professional shoot, or had never even had the opportunity for one! Do not worry if you don't know any "good poses," or don't think your cosplay is "good enough" It is. And I take the time you need to be comfortable in front of the camera and relaxed with me. I will show you little peeks at the back of the camera, so you’ll have a feeling for how the shoot is going. This shoot is about you, from beginning to end.

My absolute favorite moment is when I show the first peek during the shoot. Your eyes go wide with excitement at the epic pic and you say “that’s ME?!” Yes, it’s you. 100% you. It’s all your hard work, all your heart, and all your passion for the character, combined with my lighting, my expertise, and posing into one breath-taking shot.

Why photography? And...why cosplay photography?

It all stems from a desire and drive to create. I’ve drawn, sculpted in a wide variety of media, painted…begrudgingly, built, and designed and made for most of my life. Photography however, was a new challenge. Instead of shaping with my hands, I’ve had to learn to shape with my ideas, my knowledge, my eyes and my medium is light. It is much more cerebral than any other artform in which I have ever worked.

Where photography captured me was in the cosplay genre. Cosplayers are, generally speaking, nerds and geeks, much like myself. I enjoy both that connection, and also being able to uplift someone else with my work. Your astonishment at the images we’ve created together is definitely a part of my drive! So often, those who book a shoot with me haven’t had the opportunity to feel greatness. This collaboration provides that opportunity

What people are saying

Truth of the matter is of course I’m going to talk highly of myself, right? I mean, wouldn’t you? However, I happen to have some amazing people who can say it for me, and better than I really can!

From the very experienced cosplayer


…and from those who have never had a professional session.





The Last Pieces to the Puzzle Photo taken by my amazing daughter!There's probably a reason I'm BEHIND the lens

When not behind the lens, I am a husband to the most amazing woman, Karen, and father to my four wonderful children. I’m raising them on Star Wars, Star Trek, movies, video games, fantasy and classic literature and a love for all things geek. We explore new fandoms together while Karen looks on…often confused. We follow our daughter to her many band competitions. And I enjoy l'art du deplacement, or Parkour with my youngest.

Now you know a little more about me. I look forward to getting to know you, finding what you really want from your photos, and delivering your epically dramatic cosplay captures! Check out my convention schedule for the upcoming year, and click here to lock down your very own professional shoot with me!