Step One:

We all need a starting point, right? This one is easy. You've probably already done it, and didn't even realize it. Check out my style. That's it. And if you haven't yet, no worries, just click here to see my portfolio. Like what you see? Great! On to Step Two!

Step Two:

Fill out this initial contact form! I promise, it really doesn't get any more difficult than this. (Continue to Step Three after this form has been filled out.)

Step Three:

You've completed the form. You don't have any lingering questions. What next? Check my Pricing Info page and Upcoming Conventions page and go ahead and book your shoot(s)! 

If you still have questions, you can contact me through my Facebook Page, email, call or even text me at (317)572-8295 (Please introduce yourself when texting!), before you book a shoot with me. I'm happy to answer them. And before you ask, the answer is 42.